About James R. Gorman, PE, MBA, a residential land acquisition and development executive, who integrates business and engineering expertise to deliver properties of distinction.

James R. Gorman

James R. Gorman, PE, MBA, is an accomplished senior land acquisition and development executive, with excellent credentials and twenty-plus years of expertise forming and leading professional teams, to profitably manage and grow residential and mixed-use real estate holdings.

Jim is a results focused pragmatic leader, who consistently applies the highest ethical and professional standards to increase values of the assets entrusted to him.

Areas of Expertise
Jim is a skilled negotiator. He is fair minded, studied and deliberate in his business dealings. His unique value is a keen grasp on all facets of the real estate development process, from pre-acquisition through the final sale and exoneration of the last surety.
He is that rare individual, who is a driven problem solver, comfortable with the planning, engineering, construction, financial and legal details of development, while retaining the "big picture" focus. He has the proven ability to forge asset enhancing relationships with a wide variety of people, at all levels and backgrounds.

Integrating Business and Engineering Expertise to Deliver Properties of Distinction.

Open Minded
Financial Analysis
Budget Analysis
Strategic Asset Acquisition
Construction Management
Workouts & Consulting
Strategic Market Analysis
Value Engineering
Governmental Approvals